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Avaya IPO Models
Avaya IP Office IP500
Appliance Based

Key Features

Appliance based

Product Description

Avaya IP Office 500 v2 Control Unit

Product Type

Avaya 500 v2 Base Unit only


Supports 12 expansion modules providing a combination of up to 384 analog, digital, IP, and 3rd party SIP telephones, with capacity for 16 analog trunks or 8 digital trunks (192 T1/PRI channels or 240 E1 channels)
Expandable upto 384 extensions
Supports IP / digital and analogue telephones


System unit with 4 blank module slots
2 LAN ports
8 Expansion Ports (Expanadable to 12)
MOH & Relay Port,
Dual SD Card slots


17.5 W x 2.9 H x 14.4” D (445 x 73 x 365mm) Minimum clearance front and back: 3” (75mm)

IP500 Server Edition
Server Edition

Server Edition

  • IP Office Server Edition provides IP Office telephony capabilities, unified communications, mobility, and collaboration. It also provides high availability, ease of use, and low total cost of ownership (TCO). Targeted at the midsize enterprise, IP Office Server Edition supports up to 150 sites, 3000 users, and comprehensive resilience.

  • IP Office Server Edition Solution provides the following:
    • A single Server Edition Primary server provides IP Office, Voicemail Pro, and Avaya one-X® Portal for IP Office.
    • A Server Edition Secondary server increases the capacity and provide resilience.
    • Expansion systems, which provide additional capacity, support analog or digital interfaces, and remote locations.
    • A Select IP Office Server Edition Solution provides additional capacity.
    • Support for an existing IP500 V2 control unit optimized for a hybrid of analog/TDM and IP deployments, or a Linux server optimized for IP only deployments.
    • Users and extensions can be configured on the IP Office Server Edition server or the Server Edition Expansion System.
    • Software distribution includes the various user and administration applications such as IP Office Manager, SSA, Voicemail Pro, and IP Office SoftConsole.
    • Components can be in the same location or in different locations.
    • Optionally configure a separate application server dedicated to Avaya one-X® Portal to provide more user capacity than the Server Edition Primary supports.
    • Add additional servers and expansion systems any time.

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