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Company Overview

Tricom Systems (Philippines), Inc., was founded in September 1989 with two visions in mind. The company endeavored to specialize in bringing to the country the world’s best equipment and revolutionize the Philippines’ telecommunication and office automation industry.

At the onset of its incorporation, Tricom had the foresight and the resolve to move aggressively by forming an agreement with a then domestically unknown Finnish cellular giant.

Early on, Tricom entered into partnerships with the provider of best-of-breed products to push its business initiatives. These early business partnerships contributed to Tricom’s current strength in successfully installing and supporting more than a thousand units of AVAYA, CEI, FUJITSU, IWATSU,  NEC, PABXs , Key Telephone Systems, and Voice Mail Systems. 


These activities made Tricom’s name synonymous with telecommunication equipment in the domestic market it dutifully serves.

The ensuing years were marked with product and service diversification initiatives that led Tricom to strengthen its stake at the office automation market. Offering PABXs peripheral products, catering to small and large enterprise and call center businesses.

Business grew and so did the width of support. Installations made outside Metro Manila were supported by three strategically located service centers in Cebu, Davao and Cagayan de Oro. Tricom also exploited the demand for IT products as it branched to offer networking and connectivity equipment. And as the Internet transitioned from a hobbyist use to mainstream business use, Tricom expanded its offering and shifted its business focus from just being a hardware provider to a service and solution provider.

At present, Tricom boasts of offering fundamental telecommunication equipment to complex connectivity solutions and is the Philippine distributor of Digital PBX Systems from Cosmopolitan Electric Industry, Unified Communication Systems from NEC, Adix-E digital PABX Systems from Iwatsu and Coral Flexicom IPX Systems. Tricom is also an Authorized Partner of Avaya.

Tricom is a Reseller of Auxiliary and Networking products, as well as a System Integrator of SEVIS, Panduit, Belden and LS structured connectivity solutions. The products now include wired and wireless LAN / WAN installation,  and Firewall/Security service.



Continues to grow thanks to the confidence our clients have in us. We cover various profiles such as government, education, financial services, energy, business services, consumer products, etc.

Our Mission

We exist to provide reliable communication solutions through our commitment to:

  • Total Customer Satisfaction

  • Innovative Quality Products

  • Operational and Technical Excellence

  • Engaging Talented and Driven People

We bring decades of business experience meeting and exceeding expectations, creating a legacy of satisfied customers.

Our Vision


Trusted, Reliable, Innovative COMmunication



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